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Have you completed writing your own application essay but not sure whether it measures up?  We’re here to give you a second opinion.  Let one of our editors go through your application with a fine tooth comb to make sure all your basis are covered.

What is needed from you in order to properly edit your application?
Give us every possible detail you can about the circumstances revolving your application.  You have unlimited space in our order form to include every possible detail imaginable to give your editor a good idea if you are on the right track.  Whether it’s one long application essay or 4 short answer essay questions, make sure to give us the details so we can measurably improve your application.

In order to use this service you must have completed your application already!

Why pay for a service when you have already written your application?
A second opinion is priceless, especially looking at what’s at stake.  Your future and the career path you will take can hang in the balance.   Take the extra time and minimal cost to get the second opinion, this way you get the best result.

Let our application editing service make sure it is ready for submission.  We’ll go over your school of choice’s requirements and make sure that your application is informative and straight to the point.  Most importantly, we’ll make sure that your application sells you on your greatest assets and what you bring to the table.

Our application editing service is meant to strengthen your application, and bring it above the standard necessary to impress your reader.  We’ll even include a short critique as to the editor’s reasons for changes made in the application.

Check our rates below:

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