Tutorial for the MBA Admission Essay

Admission essay is, in fact, your personal statement and presentation. Writing a good admission essay is important in order to show that you are a good candidate.

An MBA essay writing may be twice difficult to write and it should show that you stand out from the crowd. This article provides you with some advice that will help you with your MBA essay writing. So, keep in mind several rules of the essay writing.

  1. First of all, during your MBA essay writing focus on the question you are asked. The most common questions are your career goals, the reasons why you have chosen the MBA and why you have chosen the school. So, think about these questions before the MBA essay writing.
  2. Do not be too wordy in the MBA essay writing. It is better to be specific and focus on the topic of the question. Do not say about your success in painting a flower in the second grade when you are asked, for example, about your academic accomplishments.
  3. Do not forget about the appropriate voice and writing style during your MBA essay writing. Many students use the passive voice, however, it is better to substitute it for the active one. And one more thing to be considered in you MBA essay writing: follow a formal style, more or less. Using contractions can be too informal, so, try to avoid them in the most cases.
  4. Do not forget about the literacy while your MBA essay writing. Spelling, grammar and sentence structure are important, as well as the content of your admission essay.
  5. Finally, do not transform your MBA essay writing in the autobiography writing. Some schools have strict limits for the length of the essay. Include the most important information that has not been included in the application form.

These are the most important rules for the MBA essay writing that you are likely to follow.