include your 5 five things on Discussion Board. Reconstruction is probably the least understood period in our history. When one really begins to understand the promise of include your 5 five things on Discussion Board. Reconstruction is probably the least understood period in our history. When one really begins to understand the promise of what could have been, this period becomes even more heartbreaking. We had a handful of idealistic men and woman in this country who believed they were presented with an unprecedented opportunity to make this country a true democracy for the very first time in our history — a place where all people were created equal. And for a time they did and we must not diminish the efforts of these individuals simply because Jim Crow began to dismantle their creation almost as soon as they created it. if anything, once one knows the level of violence these people faced for their convictions, their story almost becomes that much more harrowing and poignant. But it was racism and violence that ultimately caused the demise of reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan rose to a great state of prominence during this time period, and it was through their efforts that virtually all of the progressive legislation put in place during this time either came to an end or reversed entirely. The Klan used violence and fear as their political tools, and lynchings become probably their most favored mode of torture and fear-mongering. ________________________________________________________ For this discussion, I am going to have you watch first the south part episode entitled “Something Wall-Mart this way comes” Much of this episode while crude in many ways, actually is very similar to what Mark Twain was trying to get access. point do you believe the writers of this South Park episodes were trying to make with this story? How is it similar to the satire of Mark Twain? Many scholars and writers seem to believe we have found ourselves in a second Gilded age today, and that the difference between the haves and the have-nots has actually become much worse today than it was 100 years ago. Many of your articles for today’s discussion touch on this. To further understand this situation take a look at the database amassed by the AFL-CIO. It was designed specifically to monitor CEO compensation year by year…. ________________________________________________________ click the title above to take you to the PBS Frontline productions entitled “A Dangerous Business” AND “A Dangerous Business Revisited” concerning the working conditions of one of today’s iron foundries. read the chapter entitled “The Socialist Challenge,” from Howard Zinn’s book read chapter 7 “The Land of Opportunity,” from There was another interesting set of statistics that a person might have gathered in Packingtown– those of the various affections of the workers. When Jurgis had first inspected the packing plants with Szedvilas, he had marveled while he listened to the tale of all the things that were made out of the carcasses of animals, and all of these lesser industries was a separate little inferno, in its way as horrible as the killing-beds, the source and fountain of them all. The workers in each of them had their own peculiar diseases. and the wandering visitor might be seceptical about all the swindles, but he could not be skeptical about these, for the worker bore the evidence of them about on his own person–generally he had only to hold out his hand. There were the men in the pickle-rooms, for instance, where old Antennas had gotten his death; scarce a one of these that had not some spot of horror on his person. let a man so much as scrape his finger pushing a truck in the pickle-rooms, and he might have a sore that would put him out of the world; all the joints in his fingers might be eaten by the acid, one by one. Of the butchers and floorsmen, the beef  boners and trimmers, and all those who used knives, you could scarcely find a person who had the use of his thumb; time and time again read the chapters “The Empire and the People” and “War is the Health of the State” from Howard Zinn’s book Albert Beveridge to Congress: The Spanish American cuban Filipino war is something very few Americans know anything about, and yet it is an incredibly important turning point in the history of our country’s foreign policy. it marks the beginning if a period of imperialism (the practice of taking over smaller countries and their natural resources for your own country’s benefit) in the United States. In 1898 we begin a long journey throughout the 20th century that sees many pitstops along the way marked by either invasion or economic domination of various countries throughout the world. and Cuba and the philipines are not the first. The industrial revolution of the late 19th century brings with it the ability to make products at a faster and faster rate, thereby bringing more and more profit to the owners of these assembly line factories. However, it is soon discovered that a finite number of goods can be sold here in the United States. Therefore in an effort to avoid over saturating the market with goods and services and bringing about an economic depression, the wealthy industrialists begin pushing the government to find more and more foreign trading partners to which they could sell their wares. and in looking around at all of the possible trading partners, none stood out more in terms of sheer numbers of consumers than china. China become the trading partner American business owners wanted most. and as a result of this much of our foreign policy (how we relate to other countries) became focused on finding a way to get to china. and believe it or not, the Spanish American-Cuban-Filipino war became the final stepping stone we needed to solidify china as our main trading partner. if we were to look at a map of all the islands in the Pacific Ocean during this time, you might understand why. other thoughts do you have concerning this war from your reading, zines graphic novel on American empire and all the far-reaching implications for us today? How does this war lead the world into World War I?

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