One of the largest ethical and legal cases in a very long time has involved Enron. An excellent book on Enron entitled “The Smartest Guys in the Room” is a

One of the largest ethical and legal cases in a very long time has involved Enron. An excellent book on Enron entitled “The Smartest Guys in the Room” is a great book to read, if you get a chance. You may also want to view the documentary by the same name, for this paper. On June 24, 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court decided Skilling v. United States, about Enron and specifically Jeffrey Skilling’s conviction. You are required to read portions of this decision and write an approximately five page paper (or longer) concerning the major legal and ethical issues in the case. include updates, or what has happened since the Supreme Court decided the Skilling case, concerning the length of his sentence. You should use additional sources beyond the Supreme Court case for the update. turn in your paper through TurnItIn on Blackboard on the date on the syllabus, January 28. TurnItIn closes that day at the beginning of class. We will discuss the papers in class that day. The actual Skilling Supreme Court case can be found at the Supreme Court’s official website, Go to “Opinions,” then “2009 term opinions,” then the Skilling case. (Even though the decision was in June of 2010, it is under the term starting the first Monday in October of 2009. It can also be accessed free through FIU’s library, in the legal database Lexis-Nexis, under “legal” materials. Search under Court cases for this Supreme Court case. It can also be found, free, at, under “cases and codes,” under “Supreme Court cases,” by entering the party’s name, “Skilling.” Once you access the full case, read the beginning/introduction of the case, through the summary of the legal holding. read Justice Ginsburg’s majority decision. The first part (I) gives a good background of Enron. Part II gives a background of the legal issues before the Court. Part III discusses the honest services statute. also read Justice Sotomayor’s opinion. Both Ginsburg’s majority decision, and Sotomayor’s dissent, should be discussed. You should use additional credible and reputable resources, and cite and put in a bibliography all resources used. do not cite to Wikipedia. In the approximately five page paper, you won’t have the space to give a detailed analysis. summarize what happened at Enron and the major legal issues before the Court, including what they decided and why. The paper must also include an ethical analysis. Use chapter 4 of the text as a starting point for the ethics discussion, for the ethical tests and theories. Chapter 4 will be used throughout the course. include an analysis on the major ethical issues you see. There are numerous ethical issues, and you won’t be able to discuss them all. The paper is to be approximately five pages in length, or longer, but concise business writing is valued. It will be assessed on both content and written communication skills. It is worth 10% of your grade, so spend some time on this project, and start it early.

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